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There is a Prime day coming up soon?

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Originally Posted by Bartacus View Post
Oh for sure, those VRMs don't even get taxed on the Hero7, even if you're doing nutso LN2 OCing. Monoblocks just make cooling easier IMO. And having the VRMs under water certainly won't hurt anything. Now if only better companies than EK would put out monoblocks (Bitspower doesn't count to me, since they're crazy over-priced and ugly AF). God how I wish Watercool did more motherboard specific stuff!
Bitspower monoblocks are based on their Summit series, and they have bad performance compared to others. Watercool is awesome. I prefer it over EK every day. They had some idea of universal VRM block, but that failed. But the king of the hill is Aquacomputer. They just have some serious back order issues. It is 30+ days for their amazing GPU blocks.

Originally Posted by Dicehunter View Post
If there are no drawbacks with using a Zen 2 chip on an X470 mobo then I'll just stick to my CH7 Hero and get the 3900X, I can see the Hero 8 being £400 and if that's a sign of things to come this will be my last PC purchase for a very long time.
If you already have C7H there is probably no need to change. What I have meant above was that if you were buying 2700X and C6H was much cheaper than C7H there was no reason not to go for it. But if you are buying everything now, even though more expensive, C8H should be a much better choice than C7H.
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I have currently a 2700x and a x470 asus strix itx... I am on the fence if to buy a ATX board or a itx mobo for my possible 3900x.

Mostly will depend on price/cooling performance - if I go full custom water cooling or if I stick my Dark Rock Pro 4 on it and call it a day.
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