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Old 09-07-17, 08:36 PM
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Originally Posted by evilcorp View Post
Vardars are noisey. I have just tried some Noctua NF-P14s over the past few days that start whirring like crazy over 1000rpm.

Do you think the B14-1 600rpm will be enough for a rad?
It depends what you are doing mate. I use 600 RPM on my 240 rad (so 120s). They are inaudible. However, I am cooling a 8 core Xeon with a max TDP of 140w that can not be overclocked. Temps are good though, idle is usually around 30c but has jumped up 10c since the summer.

If you are running a CPU stock or a mild overclock then yeah, I would say they would be OK.

I know that the jump between running a fan on low and all out is only about 7c. So you trade off noise for temps.


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