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Old 12-06-19, 05:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Warchild View Post
change the link to [img] maybe?
I tried that obviously Idk is odd

ty for fix, the link I got didn't have the .jpg but it's handy info for another time

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Old 12-06-19, 07:41 PM
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Originally Posted by KingNosser View Post
I tried that obviously Idk is odd
I fixed your post. What you need to do is open the link you posted, then right click on the image and copy link address. It will have a .jpg on the end of it:


Then you enclose that in img tags on the forum.
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Old 22-08-19, 10:58 PM
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Old 08-09-19, 03:06 AM
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284cb, Xeon E5 2683 v3, 3.1GHz, 1100MHz DDR4, Windows 10, Thanos

FWIW not seeing a difference in performance with or without fixes. If anything slightly better after patching.
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