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Old 04-07-16, 04:09 PM
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Ethernet advanced settings

Main menu

Client for MS networks
file and printer sharing for MS networks
Qos packet scheduler
internet protocol v4
link layer mapper
MS lldp
internet v6
link layer discovery

All the above have a tick.


Adaptive inter frame - D
Enable PME - E
energy efficient ethernet - On
Flow control - D
Gigabit master slave - Auto
interrupt moderation - D
interrupt moderation - Adaptive
ipv4 checksum offload - RX TX Enabled
jumbo packet - D
Large send offload 4 - E
Large send offload 6 - E
legacy switch - D
Log link state - E
RSS Q - 2 queues
packet priority and vlan - both enabled
protocol arp - E
NS offload - E
Receive buffers - 256
receive side scaling - E
Reduce speed on power down - E
speed & duplex - auto
system idle - D
tcp checksum offload ip4 - rx tx Enabled
tcp checksum offload ip6 - rx tx Enabled
transmit buffers - 512
udp ip4 - rx tx Enabled
udp ip6 - rx tx Enabled
wait for link - auto
wake on link - D
magic packet - E
pattern match - E

Could any of the above be changed to make online gaming better? its just my PC connected to the router with no other devices printer/fax etc


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Old 05-07-16, 04:29 AM
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You could try adjusting the settings i mention at the bottom and see if any helps. But generally these days its all pretty good to go.
You may want to examine possible software causes if you suffer from slow connections or high ping.

Also you dont mention if you are connected via ethernet or wireless..
If its wireless that could be a major factor and would be well worth contemplating getting a wired connection if possible. if not maybe an idea to get a signal booster "repeater" if its a possible bad signal issue.

energy efficient ethernet - On
jumbo packet - D
Large send offload 4 - E
Large send offload 6 - E
i7 2600, intel dz77sl-50k, 16gb 1600 DDR3, 900d case, gtx 780 @ 1306/1727 "xspc block", 1x 240 1x360 1x480 rads 2 bay res, http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/14829772
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