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Old 23-04-18, 10:32 PM
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Replacement Void Pro Earpads ?

I own both the Void and Void Pro, I managed to get some official Void *non Pro* earpads from a friend, So I can carry on using the Voids while the original earpads are being cleaned.

I use my Voids *non Pro* mainly while I'm on my stationary bike every single day so I can watch films or listen to music while I do my cardio as they really do offer amazing sound, So I clean the earpads carefully and fairly frequently.

My main question is, Why are the Void Pro earpads not replaceable ? I tried taking them off and it seems like they are a permanent fixture which seems a little odd considering your previous version had removable earpads.

I only use my Void Pro's for gaming, My standard Voids are literally purely for my stationary bike, Now I'm a fairly clean person but muck and grime will build up naturally over time on the Void Pro's earpads that no amount of wiping with a damp cloth will get rid of no matter how clean you are, It's a bit odd making these non replaceable, It's not like you couldn't sell them on your online store.

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