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My wife's rig did exactly the same thing when her hdd went duff. Sat there blinking or would bomb on the repair.

I would take it out and test it in another PC if you can. That's about the least destructive thing I can think of.

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Old 24-11-16, 02:21 PM
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Originally Posted by RobM View Post
my money is on the PSU
I dont have another PSU to test with. I put my ram in another slot, and still same problem. I took out the ssds and put them on a usb adapter. 2 out of 3 ssds were acting weird sometimes. They kind of froze or lagged, so i had to restart the usb adapter. one of these to ssds was used as my OS driver. I also noticed that some files where missing.

Eventually, i decided to format everything. This is the second time i lose all the data on my disks First time was a crash in my raid 10 setup. Never raid again.

I sold the ssds. Now im waiting for black friday to buy new and bigger ssd.

I hope its not the psu, i bought a used RM750i psu. It was used for only 1 year when i bought it, and now ive used it for about 6 months. Cant really believe its faulty.
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loading. freeze, stuck, windows

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