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Old 12-01-21, 01:09 PM
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NZXT confirms its plan to launch an N7 Z590 motherboard for Rocket Lake

NZXT is ready for next-generation Intel.

Read more about NZXT's N7 Z590 motherboard.

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Old 12-01-21, 05:04 PM
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Actually surprised that NZXT is still trying to pass off these ugly, under-powered mobos. I know that they never get reviewed well and no one likes them...but you gotta give them points for persistence at the very least.
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Old 12-01-21, 06:16 PM
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I like the look of these, Just a shame the bios is terrible and the power delivery is crap.
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Old 12-01-21, 06:30 PM
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They were made by Asrock...
No wonder they are crap, Asrock didnt want any competition..........
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Old 12-01-21, 06:34 PM
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I think they look quite nice, especially the matte black, and they're about as well spec'd and price tier'd around what I'd usually buy (Don't need many bells and whistles), if they made them for Ryzen and at Ryzen motherboard prices I'd definitely consider them myself.
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