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Old 14-12-20, 12:32 PM
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it was the same when copying under linux.

but i think the issue was this:


there is one more thing i have to check.
when testing the card i screwed it in when using the bottom slot. because it should stay there.
when using the second x16 slot i just put it in but did not screw it on.
i did it so each time i tested the different slots.

i just noticed, that when i screw the card in the card moves a tiny bit. because the slot shield (sorry i am german donīt know how itīs called in english) is bend a bit. so the end of the card moves 1-1.5mm up when screwed in.

it seems to sit fine in the PCI slot but maybe the connection to one or two of the pins is not 100%.

??? could this be the reason? should i not get more error messages in that case?
i put the card in without screwing it in and no issues.
then i bend the card bracket a bit, so that it does not move at all, screwed it in.. no issues so far.

i will do verify for while to be sure, even when itīs slower.

make me verify that the configs are compatible - but I've never used mellanox gear, or any serious networking gear on Windows so take that with a grain of salt.

that some kind of extra feature these cards offer that i donīt use anyway.
but i found no way to disable it.

it should cause no issues. itīs just a fallback to an earlier version of that feature.

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Old 14-12-20, 01:06 PM
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Good to hear its working !
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