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Talking Ryzen is for the future...

Now I have been a computer technician for many many years... Let me take you back to the BBC Model B, is that far enough back for you!

Yes my first pimped computer was my trusty BBC Model B, I was 14 years old and I was having issues with one of the onboard sockets which hold the chip R6522AP!

Which you can find yourself in the picture I have included. So I desoldered the onboard socket, never having really worked on a motherboard in my life, and plumped the R6522AP directly to the motherboard! Anyway, it worked, really well no more issues I felt like a king!

What does this have to do with RYZEN, absolutely nothing! But it gives you an idea how much I know about computing, I know a hell of a lot, which helps when you see other people reviewing hardware, and you already know just as much as they do, or even more!

So imagine my outrage when people started saying that the Ryzen is slower than an I5 for gaming, I felt like turning to the brick wall to the right of me for a chat about the issue I was seeing... I was asking myself, do these reviewers know how a top of the range CPU works, or are they just winging it for the fun of it!

Then I came to TinyTimLogans, no relation to Logan from the Xmen, review... And I was happy, this man knows about CPU's he knows how they work. I was impressed and decided to sign up here and have decided to stalk TinyTimLogan for the rest of my life, the latter part is not true, it just keeps you reading!

Thankfully someone else did a review also, which I am also very impressed with, you see while banging my head against a brick wall and saying to that wall, but guys and girls of the gaming community have you noticed something about the CPU load while playing these lovely games at 1080P or even 4K!!! No they did not notice the one thing that the Intel range could not match, the load, this beautiful 1800X CPU is running at a 30% to 40% load at times, running without frame loss or stutter! You are comparing this processor to an I5 that running the same game, is maxing out at nearly 98% or even the I7 that is running at around 70 to 80%... REVIEWERS DID YOU NOT NOTICE THIS MAJOR BIT OF REALLY IMPORTANT NEWS TO TELL THE GAMING COMMUNITY!

This was becomming the only thing that understood what I was trying to say, these intel fanboys would not listen, they think that they are right! Which makes me laugh, give it a year when you find yourself buying the wrong processor that everyone is going on about the 7700K, when you wished you did listen to TinyTimLogan or someone like me, that when they tell you this is one hell of a processor, it really is... And for all of you streamers now streaming at the same res without any frame loss, you must feel like you have found heaven!

But it does not stop there, getting back to this review I found! To those people that are still using an AMD FX 8350 or like me an 8370 believe it or not, your time is coming. And the time is now! For these processors are only just coming into their own... Have you noticed that they seem to be doing really well recently with the latest GPUS! I hope I am not on my own, that I have noticed my 8370 working nicely with my Nvidia 970. They seem to have turned into a loving couple, working together to give me a wonderful gaming view of Elite Dangerous, it is the only game I play... With each addition that Elite gives us these days, rather than slowing down or causing issues like the I5's are starting to do, I seem to have a system that is getting better at handling the extra graphical loads being thrown my way... Beautiful and lovingly these two opposites are working together like lovers between the bed sheets, bonding together like that were meant to be together, could it be possible that the FX range still has some life left in it?

Well, finally you will all be happy to know this is where I share the link for this
, watch it and see if you see what I saw, which made total sense to me!

As I have said since I saw Ryzen take on and beat a $1000 processor. Ryzen is for the future, not the past like the I7. And the good news for you Intel fanboys is that now Intel will have to move onto something new, and stop bushwhacking the hell out of your backsides.

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