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Old 11-08-21, 03:51 AM
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Post Mobo/cpu update and cooler advice

Planning to update my ancient rig as it hasn't worked for some years and covid has me stuck at home. My old specs should still be in my signature.

Im located Sydney Australia
I want to budget the build as best as I can without heavily compromised performance. Don't have an exact number, kinda just cost vs reward analysis
I do have win7 disc, am I still able to do the free upgrade to newer OS?
Will be used for gaming, vrchat and model building occaisonally (blender and such). Not expecting a tank of a build but reasonably strong
I will likely just play 1080p and I dont have plans to OC with the cooler limitation I have.
I plan to re use some parts from my old build.

As much as I'd love to dinosaur and keep my ddr3 ram, I know any new motherboard will need ddr4.
I did bid on a z97-A & 4790k combo on ebay which eventually sold for $280 which I definately felt was ridiculous for 6 year old hardware. That path would be half of the cost if a brand new update however.

Looking at new, im looking at 10th gen Intel with b460m and m.2
I5-10600 looks to be the best pick, I feel like its a justified price difference vs performance from the i5-10400

Im currently looking into AMD options also, performance wise it seems an amd 3600 would be the equivalent. I'm unsure about cost comparison just yet.

The one thing concerning me is temperatures. 10th gen definately seems tamer than 11th gen for temps and definately more affordable
Unsure about temps with AMD, maybe 5000 series possibly, I dunno. If temps are good, performs well and price makes sense im open to suggestion.

For cooling I have my old reliable h85i with push pull sp120 quiet fans. I'm hoping it's enough to keep a new CPU under control on stock clocks

I have an antec high 620M power supply which should be adequate for now I hope.

Planning to re-use my old gpu for now, and have a 1070 founders offered to me from a friend. I understand compared to current gpu its very updated but a substantial upgrade from my current gpu.

It seems if im using a b460/10th gen cpu I will be limited to 2600mhz ram, im sure in real world use its totally fine. Looking to get 2x8gb and potentially buy another 2x8gb later if needed.

I want to get my hands on a 500gb m.2 SSD for some speedyboi, I do have a brand new 250gb regular 2.5 ssd I haven't used yet though. I'll still use the 250gb if I get a m.2, will run important things on m.2 and the second priorities on the 2.5

While I'd love a new case, I will re-use my current case for cost control.

I think I've covered all my thoughts here, will add anything new later

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Old 11-08-21, 04:33 AM
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You can get a 3600 it's still a great CPU https://www.ple.com.au/Products/6365...Stealth-Cooler
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cpu, cpu cooler, update

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