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Old 25-03-08, 10:00 PM
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Originally Posted by name='Kempez'
Pah, it's just good marketing sense. Delay the release of the new cards to help disty's and partners get rid of old stock, been happening for years
But why announce them in the first place? I mean 8XXX series are a very strong series in my opinion, shouldnt they be here longer before new cards come out? Taking in mind the fact the the 9XXX series doesn't exactly have anything new to them! I was taking a project the other week, to build a gaming PC for a customer however it was cancelled as he heard about the new 9XXX series and he decided to wait ... I explained him what i could but its just the way of numbering the cards ... For example a 8800GTS is faster than the 9600 right? Well the customer wouldnt understand that .. just because the number is higher they think its a better card! Now good luck explaining this! Or maybe that's what this companies want?

I am really confused!

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Old 25-03-08, 10:06 PM
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The 8600's weren't the greatest

Nvidia announce products to get people like us who are tech savvy to anticipate their release. They keep the old cards on the shelves and don't release the new ones for the exact reason you've been saying....if they released the newer high numbered cards then people wouldn't buy the old ones.

Thusly: good marketing strategy
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I`d buy the 8400/8500 if the 9400/9500 was out, cos the price would be probably half. And for what your going to put it in.. there`s no competition aspect performance wize.

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