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Originally Posted by Damien c View Post
To be honest I wouldn't trust either Joker or Brian from Tek City.

The whole personal attack's against each other is just stupid, and that's what all the "different settings" thing was about but there were some issues with the results.

Joker did put up a video explaining it but it has since been removed.

To be honest from what I saw when I looked in to it, it was just childish behaviour from both of them.

I mean seriously I think they both need there heads banging together and if they have issues with each other, which they clearly do they need to keep it of youtube and all the other places they have been attacking each other, because it does of them any favours.

If anyone want's to know how Ryzen performs compared to Intel in games then I would suggest watching videos by more responsible people.
Yeah, that was a very strange situation.

It highlights the importance of finding trustworthy sources online, as results can very easily be used to mislead consumers. Doctoring results is a big no.

Having followed the whole Joker Bryan situation it is clear that both guys actively dislike each other now, so neither side will exactly paint a good picture of the other anymore. YouTube can be very political like that, they were friends but now they are just rivals/competitors.

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