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Old 06-03-21, 05:58 PM
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Manual stable OC - Unable to load windows in Adaptive 10900k 5.2GHZ All core

Hi All,

So i'm still in dire need of some help. I have a manual stable OC in Manual Mode @ 1.420 Vcore in bios. Idle load voltage is 1.40, under cinebench load 1.250v. All temps are fine, see attached image. I have a 5.2GHZ Overclock with 0 AVX. 53GHZ on 4 core load LLC 4 Cache 4.8GHZ.

I cannot for the life of me just enter 1.420 in Adaptive with 0 Turbo boost Offset. As soon as it try to load windows with Adaptive @ 1.420, when I reach the circular boot loading screen it freezes. I have changed LLC all the way upto 7 and still I have no luck. WHAT IS GOING ON. I have been at it for hours 😞

The only way I can actually use my setup is by loading on Manual. I don't know how to use Offset.

Motherboard is Asus Maximus Extreme XII

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