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Old 21-08-19, 05:46 AM
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Got myself an Xbox One X with The Division 2.

Got rid of my Xbox One a while ago but, I missed playing some of the Forza games and the Halo games that I have on there that are not on the PC, so decided to grab one.

Then I bought Forsaken and the Annual Pass for Destiny 2 on it, since today (21st August) is the day that we can link account's and have just one main account between all platforms.

Next week I need to get a 12 month Xbox Live membership, I don't use the Game Pass thing, as if I like a game I will just buy it and that way I don't have to deal with it potentially being pulled from, the service and loosing access to it meaning then I just have to buy it anyway.

At the moment I have it connected downstairs but will move it upstairs at the weekend and then I have a choice to make, do I put it on my 4K HDR TV or do I put it on my 1440p 165Hz monitor, I am leaning towards the TV as I don't think I am going to record gameplay and my monitor I think only has 1 HDMI input, which is in use all the time by my work laptop.

Was playing Destiny 2 on it yesterday on a 1080p TV and it looked really nice, so I am thinking on a 4K TV with HDR turned on it's going to look even better.

I need to find a headset for it though, I have a set of HyperX Cloud II's which I know will work by plugging them directly in to the controller, but I want to see if they will work using the USB part of it, other wise I need to get a 4 pole 3.5mm extension cable which sometimes can be a pain, although I might already have one somewhere but need to get of my ass and find it

Then I need to decide as to whether I am going to buy Shadowkeep on the Xbox or not, I have it pre-ordered already on Steam but I might also get it on the Xbox.

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Old 21-08-19, 10:11 AM
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We used a 7200rpm 2tb drive on our house PS4 since around 2015 and it absolutely blitzed the laptop drive in there, you can get a housing that exposes the internal SATA slot so you can slot a 3.5" drive in the top.
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