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Old 21-08-16, 08:45 PM
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Back 2 Life


today I decided to bring back to life my laptop -

Alienware M17xR2

So I started to do the cleanup, reinstalled the OS and upgraded some obsolete components with some spares that I had around and please see below the final product

First step was the CPU - from the previous i7-740M to I7-920XM (I wanted to buy the 960XM but I understood that there is no much difference, except the "default" clock which doesn't matter too much)

Here is the new CPU:

The second step was the GPU - changed the old 5870m with 6990m

and here is the new one:

change also the RAM (some lower quality DDR3 unmatched - 1x4GB and 1x2G with 2x4GB DDR3 - 1333 CL9 - not the best but at least some matched modules.

and the last thing was the HDD - adding an intel 530 240 GB, as I don't have the second caddy I cannot add yet the second HDD, but I am planning

This was a nice project for the weekend, I was happy to change all the thermal compounds and see that the CPU is not going more than 80C with a max 2500 rpm (62.5 % from total 4000 rpm)

Tests to come soon on the new rig - unfortunately I don't have the any old tests, but If anybody is interested I can add those also

My plan is to test multiple mobile GPU's from different generations with the same rig, to conserve everything under the same GPU ... I also have a 7970m one Nvidia GTX285m.
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