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Do 2560x1440 120Hz monitors exist?

I am now upgrading to an entirely new computer, but my Monitor is still a very old 22" 1080p monitor. I want to upgrade my resolution and the refreshrate. So I was looking for 2560x1440 @ 120hz monitors and I was as of yet unable to find any that had matte screens. For now the only thing I found were people talking about Yamakasi monitors, but I haven't found the ones they were talking about.

So next I was looking at 4K monitors, but those are a whole different class of trouble, I was unable to find any monitors with a decent size, except the ASUS PQ321 which has a decent size and is relatively cheap in comparison to other 4K displays, but it's still not quite in that "affordable" price range.

I apologise for my bad wording in this matter, but does anyone know a good, reliable 2560x1440/2560x1600p monitor that does sport 120hz, or a 4K monitor < 32" that does work with 60hz, I'd be interested to know about it.



So basically what I'm looking for is this:
Matte 2560x1440p 120hz TN-Panel Monitor
Matte because Reasons,
1440p because I would like a better resolution
120hz because of the smootheness of the image
TN-Panel because overclocked IPS panels are known to smear and smudge and also darken the image, because IPS wasn't built for fast response time.

Edit2: So far I have found the QNIX qx2710 which does seem fairly good, but has a PLS panel. Also its natively only 60Hz and 120Hz only works, because this thing is incredibly overclock-friendly. Also it has to be imported from South Korea which is unfortunate aswell..

Edit3: Nevermind my asking, the QX2710 is so cheap, I will just buy it and write a review here.

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120hz, 1440p, 1600p, monitor

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