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Originally Posted by Feronix View Post
Looks like the Corsair SP2500 to me.
Yeah that's right They are awesome Tom did a review of them a while ago.

Over the last couple of days I've completely rebuilt my PC because there were some issues niggling at me, and this is the only chance I'll get for a while.

I've made some more of the carbon fibre vinyl panels to cover the WC holes to the left of the PSU, made another to cover the rest of the motherboard tray, and made one to cover the top of the PSU. I've bolted all the panels to the case now, as they were only velcroed/wedged in before. I've mounted an LED in the flow indicator and pump top, installed backplates to the graphics cards, got an EVGA SLI bridge, and replaced the faulty cathode in my reservoir so it's lovely and bright again!

I wanted to desolder the green motherboard LED and swap it for a blue one, but for some reason I was just unable to desolder it. Instead I covered it with a permanent marker because I didn't have time to wait for paint to dry, but it still shows through quite a lot. I'll do it next time I take it apart I guess (if there is a next time before my next build).

I still have to do the cable management, but once I'm done I'll get some new pictures up


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Yes looks great some nice builds going on
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custom pc, rig gallery, sli, switch 810, water cooled

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