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Computer stores would love you pal.
>2011 for gaming = pointless
>2x 690's = pointless
>1500w psu = pointless unless you expect to run a phase change unit as well.
>raptor drives. no no no. Unless you like the sound of a chainsaw in your case. Forget it. High capacity ssds, hybrid drives (like you mention) or wd blacks. Geez in a case that big, raid a heap of of 2tb Blacks in raid 10.
>64gb ram = pointless. &
Win 7 home = epic fail with that much ram - Basic (8gb max) Premium (16gb max) Pro & above have support for up to 192gb

Save yourself some coin and build a really nice watercooling loop and go for parts that will game just as well.

Maximus V Extreme
16gb high speed ram
(that crucial drive as you mention is really nice)
2tb wd black (you have the space so RAID a few)
2x7970 or 2x680
Corsair AX850 with sleeving kit
(your blu ray drive)
Windows 8 pro (just get the start8 app)
Cosmos II (ugly imho)

the rest of your saved $$$ spend it on the meanest watercooling loop you can get.

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