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Post ULTRA Cheap upgrade from integrated graphics

I got Radeon R7 240 this time last year as a upgrade from on-board graphics and so far I'm pretty impressed. The R7 Graphics series is described by AMD as 'Graphics cards designed for Online gaming' meaning that this series is for 'online' browser games which I think is a pretty harsh way to describe the card, but for now lets discuss the card it-self.

So the box comes with The R7 240 Graphics card, Output Splitters to use in smaller systems, come with 'Driver & GPU Tweak' Disk and a Setup manual. The graphics card is relatively small, it has the Depth of 111mm, Height of 20mm and the width of 159mm; there are 3 outlet option on the card (as you can see in the image overhead) the card gives you 1xVGA, 1xHDMI and 1xDVI option, these options are strong because you get a variety of supported resolutions and its future proof. The card offers 2GB of DDR3 Memory with the clock speed of 900MHz which is good for basic/casual gaming.

I began testing the card now (one year old card) so I used Heaven Benchmark 4.0 to benchmark is and the results I got were average for a £50 card and a 'browser gaming' card.

Over the benchmarking process the average temperature of 53 which is double the tempreture of GPU while on standby/browsing the web. The FPS half from Low to Medium graphics but stays similar from Medium to High. (tested using a VGA display and F2A55M-HD2 motherboard)

The card offers a 'Dust-proof fan' increasing the lifespan by 25%, and after a year is pretty believable because: the fan has not got much dust stuck on the fins of the fan and no much dust stuck on the heat sink either, the standard PC fan has more dust than the card. The dust resistant fan also allows good dissipating of heat increasing the GPU performance by '15%'. The 2GB of DDR3 Ram allows good, fast loading of games and applications.

I would recommend this graphics card for only Casual gaming your not gonna get amazing graphics on new games such as battlefield 1, and you might struggle with most FPS games but if you play browser games or casual games that only take basic specifications than go for it. You can get this card for around £53.54 .
its a very budget but good card that can give you reasonable basic performance.

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