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Old 09-04-14, 08:38 PM
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Originally Posted by SeekaX View Post
Here's an even better idea. Don't upgrade just yet, the 7970 will still do you fine till the next gen and then you can get a new single GPU.
The 7970 is still a baller in terms of performance and it also supports almost all current features except for true audio but that is not worth the investment in a new card.

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Old 16-04-14, 01:27 PM
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Thanks for the replies guys, appreciate the advice. I can get another 7970 ghz quite cheap (around 200) but as some of you mentioned crossfiring can be unstable so I may sell my one 7970 and get a liquid cooled r9 290x and overclock it, then maybe crossfire it later on. Still a bit stuck between the two decisions; I hate being an indecisive person.
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Old 16-04-14, 04:29 PM
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I have 2x HD7970 and apart from some indie games i have never had a problem with crossfire, BF4, crysis and any other big game that rerquires the horse power of 2 7970s support it and work well. I am waiting to upgrade to 2x Nvidia maxwell cards.

Running at 5960x1080 my two HD7970's still pump out 90-110 FPs with everything at ultra in BF4.
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7970, 7990, crossfire, enthusiast, r9 290x

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