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Old 11-01-13, 07:23 PM
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Thanks for the comments guys.
i'm actually shocked that i couldn't find a mac pro case clone out there in the market somewhere; everyone loves the case so i would have thought there would be money in it. probably to scared of getting sued though.

Originally Posted by Spiderz View Post
Out of they 3, the cosmos II is the clear winner in my opinion. The Thermaltake being there isn't going to go down well with the rest of the forums and the in-win, while I like it as a looker, the design and cooling is too compromised in my opinion.
i agree that the In-win h frame looks interesting but it is to compromised. Whats wrong with thermaltake? (excuse my ignorance).

i'm shocked that nobody has been able to tell me about some kind of urban case website/company that makes unique looking designs.
Are all case now pretty generic unless you mod them?
i know it sounds a little stupid but i just don't want my computer looking like a 'box' to the average person.
we all know the cosmos II is the best case out of the three of them, but the outer design is good, but its nothing to write home about. the inside is a whole other story though as i'm sure you all know. ( we all saw that video review )

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Silverstone makes some pretty nice not-very-generic cases!

The TJ, Fortress and Raven lines might be worth taking a look at

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Originally Posted by shadow.nl13 View Post
Thanks for the comments guys.
i agree that the In-win h frame looks interesting but it is to compromised. Whats wrong with thermaltake? (excuse my ignorance).
Around here they are known as ThermalTacky because their stuff tends to be, well, not very good. Not had any experience with their stuff myself but have hear a whole lot of bad about them.

Originally Posted by Feronix View Post
Silverstone makes some pretty nice not-very-generic cases!

The TJ, Fortress and Raven lines might be worth taking a look at
Forgot about the Silverstone TJ, I say they look great, especially with the windows. Rather expensive though but they are all alluminium
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Old 11-01-13, 08:54 PM
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For me its the cosmos 2, so much so I bought one

Another good point in favor of the cosmos is it is so adaptable. It can hold any motherboard. Its got loads of storage space. Great cooling potential for air or water cooling and in my opinion looks like a great case. It is also very easy to work on.

That said there are better cases for specific things such as better water cooling cases and better air cooling cases but for me the cosmos 2 does both very well and its that adaptability that will give it longevity into the future.

It also does not feel like a cheap case. It is weighty and solid feeling and with the brushed aluminium side panels gives a nice clean aesthetic. Also its not just a generic box shape as it is curved slightly.

The cosmos might not give you that wow factor compared to other cases if you take size out of it but in the flesh it is a really nice looking case. Clean simple elegant design and subtle details and curves. It would stand the test of time design wise longer and thus you wont be buying a new case later down the line because your opinions changed on the slightly madder design.

As for the thermaltake case I think that thing is hideous and I always will. As a conceptual idea ie separate modules which is also used in things like architecture it can look good but I feel thermaltake did it wrong and it looks tacky because of it.

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My vote goes to:

The Silverstone TJ07.

Just a great design, and very mod-friendly. Even without modding it yourself, you can buy it with space for a 360 rad in the roof, a 480 in the bottom, and I think a 240/360 down there as well. You can even buy it with the inside powdercoated. And space for a midplate! The options are nearly endless.

Also, going back to the original post, my second choice would be a Mac Pro mod. I really like the design of it.

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