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Old 19-11-12, 10:15 AM
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Question MMO Mouse for big hands?


I've recently been playing alot of mmo's and games that would benefit from couple more customization buttons on mouse, there's quite a lot of mouses out there now but my biggest problem is that i have quite large hands, right now im using RAT 5(don't flame me lol) and my hand is both longer and wider then the entire mouse itself which forces me into claw grip(i prefer it btw) but that will be impossible to use with something like naga etc. also i don't want spend too much on it since its not essential but would be nice to have.

So id like to ask for any suggestions from you guys :3

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Old 14-12-12, 02:42 AM
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I highly recommend the G600
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Old 14-12-12, 04:09 AM
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Depends on what your budget is. If you can swing the Logitech G600, its definitely worth a look. Razer has a pretty good MMO mouse from what I hear thats worth checking out but the Logitech would probably be my first choice.

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big hands, mmo, mouse, no peripheral section

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