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Old 24-10-19, 09:13 PM
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Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
An old Corsair one. Really it doesn't matter just get any quality AIO. Highly recommend. Fractal Design as far as I know is one of the recommended ones because of more flexible tubing so I'd say do that. Because it does get pretty tight!
I would avoid the ones with big pumps like DeepCool Castle, Enermax, NZXT, ... Corsair, Fractal, should fit with ease. And for the fans... Noctuas have the best noise to performance. ML fans are slightly behind but on pair and they have much higher RPMs. So if you don't mind the noise (closed back headphones) they give you more wiggle room.

If you want comparison look at the charts here:


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Old 24-10-19, 09:36 PM
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I know the fans are good. I have them on my AIO.

Taller blocks are probably fine unless they are super tall. Really the most challenging part with an AIO in the Ncase M1 is tubing. To long and it's almost impossible to work with. To stiff and it creates really bad bends that don't sit well. Which is the result I ended up with. I have the original H100i. Stiff as heck.

Newer AIOs tend to have more flexible tubing so he should be fine, just afaik FD has really flexible tubing.
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Old 25-10-19, 08:24 PM
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With a 3700X I'd be second guessing the need to go AIO instead of cheaper, quieter and more reliable air cooler.
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Old 25-10-19, 09:27 PM
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CPU temps in the M1 are pretty high because there's not much room for air to be brought it with how the case is designed, especially if you use side panel fans which reduces the height of the CPU cooler you can put, thus further reducing how much heat you can get rid of and in turn raises fan speeds to very high levels.
An AIO allows you to completely use the entire upper half of the side panel to draw air in. It's by far the best solution that is quieter and keeps temps down.
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The only AIO I'd use now are Swiftech. They are more expensive but so much better in terms of quality and performance (imo).
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