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Old 24-02-19, 07:38 PM
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Per-core overclocking Ryzen 2600 via BIOS

Already put this in the CPU/Mainboard forum - mods, please delete that thread

(Searched for this but didn't find much; people seem to be relying on Ryzen Master, and I'm old-skool.)

1. About to go from Intel to AMD and I'm reading that gaming suffers slightly in low-res, CPU-bound situations. Namely, mine. However, given that none of the games I play are particularly multi-threaded, I am hoping to do some per-core overclocking and get two or four threads running faster; the others can stay at stock, for me. I'd rather it be cooler and quieter.

I understand this can be done in Ryzen Master, but is it possible from BIOS? For the record, mine is the Asus B450-I Strix Gaming. If it's not, I suppose I will have to use Ryzen Master if my games are suffering.

2. Whichever way I manage to do it, can I check for stability with OCCT/Prime etc by enabling cores one by one and benching each scenario?


Ryzen 5 3600
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