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Old 20-09-19, 09:05 AM
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AMD's Ryzen 5 3500X Leaks - Low-cost Ryzen for budget gamers

The ideal CPU for the £150ish gaming CPU market?

Read more about AMD's leaked Ryzen 5 3500X processor.

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Old 20-09-19, 09:27 AM
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Wicked. I'll probably upgrade my 10 core rig with this. I want higher clock speed for 1080p.

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Old 20-09-19, 06:14 PM
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Thinking overclocking will give it a boost seems like a stretch given how the rest of Ryzen 3000 series is effectively non-overclockable. Given that AMD generally relies on higher speed RAM as well they better nail the pricing of this thing just right and undercut the 9400f by a healthy amount.
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Old 20-09-19, 07:42 PM
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AMD is really hitting Intel hard in the mid range. There really isn't much point to getting an i5 anymore with the R5 3600 around, this will just add that.
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Old 20-09-19, 07:49 PM
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If you aren't aiming for 240fps at 1080p then there isn't all much point in getting Intel these days. Zen 2 can hit 144+ easy and consistently.

AMD has just made solid CPU's that force's users to spend top dollar for the best pure performance and many people aren't willing to do that for what Intel charges. AMD hit the perfect spot. So I'm in agreement with Zoot here, adding this just adds on top of their placement atm.
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Old 21-09-19, 09:07 PM
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I got my 3600 for £159 off eBay.
New .
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