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Old 06-07-16, 10:59 PM
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Resistance X-Wing Build

I am updating my current Corsair 600t case to reduce the size of its footprint as I'm moving to uni this year where the desks are very small. As it happens to be, a couple of weeks ago I managed to break my brother's Bitfenix Shinobi which means I have a steel case frame and odd bits lying around as only the plastic cracked when it dropped. The logical conclusion was to somehow modify this to be usable rather than get a whole new case.

There is going to be no update to the hardware in the system, only a visual upgrade to the case. If you are interested though it is an Ivybridge i5 3570k @ 4.4GHz with XFX 7870 and the extras visible (Samsung 840 evo isn't visible). I braided the cables with paracord when I first built the system four years or so ago (thanks to you lot).

Old rig:

I wouldn't be surprised if the back exhaust fan has stopped working because of the amount of dust but it isn't worth fiddling with stuff now because in a week or two it will be in pieces to clean properly.

Case shell:

The source material for the inspiration behind this case is mainly in my Revel model of the Resistance X-Wing. However, there is no way I can make an accurate reflection of the spacecraft as I have not got the patience and the shape of the case is too dissimilar.

I started by covering the awful grill on the Shinobi side panel:

My first attempt at trying to paint a side panel:

After looking back and comparing with the actual wing, the main blue feature was far too small so I started over with more blue paint.

(plenty of revision I don't need to mask with)

And after painting that side with the citadel miniature paints, I created a far more weathered look for the first side panel. The second panel hasn't been touched yet with the acrylics and demonstrates how it looks after just the rattle can layer. In this image, you can see the introduction of the rebel red which I could only get from Halfords today.

I have replaced the plastic rivets holding the window in place with M5 16mm bolts.

Lastly, the next part of the project will involve the shaping of the front intake fan to resemble the Incom-FreiTek 5L5 fusial thrust engines on the x-wing in the film (thank wookipedia for the technical terms )

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