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Yeah Dell make some lovely kit. *boring bit*. Yes it was probably a return Tom. In 2006 Dell signed an agreement to say they would stop throwing working kit in the landfill. Before this if something was returned they were not legally allowed to sell it as new so they basically threw it in the landfill. Madness really ! any way, as part of the EU recycling pact they were forced to start selling it. At first they sold it on palettes to people at auctions (and that is how I got my first and second Alienwares) but then they obviously realised they were missing a trick and thus, the Dell Outlet was born.

Pretty cool really. I got my M11X from there for a song too But yeah, that's how I have been able to afford my Alienwares lol. I bought the 2014 new though but that's the only one

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Originally Posted by tinytomlogan View Post
Im actually a fan of Dell's - I have two now.

I have an all singing all dancing XPS15 and I have just got an Inspiron 13 for the workshop. The last one was a bargain £370 refurb from Dell with 3 years warranty - came looking like new, I think it was just a return!
I've been a fan of Dell’s laptops for a while now. My personal laptop is the XPS 13 bought in 2015 and I couldn't be happier with it.

This Inspiron is really nice for the entry level price I paid.
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