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Old 14-10-17, 08:55 PM
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Z370 hero problem with 960 pro ssd not being seen in bios

Not sure if its a dead drive or anything. The bios does not list the drive but does detect a device plugged in however if i try to install windows it does not see the drive. So i am getting no where fast. I am wondering if i am missing an option in the bios or something , anyone with any idea? or anyone have any luck with this board ?

update (was advised )

"Under Csm settings in boot set everything to UEFI.

Then try."

Done this and still nothing windows 10 shows no drives for install.

When the drive is installed on first boot i get a message stating " M.2 SATA device has been detected in the M.2_1 socket. To use a Sata device. please go to bios /advanced/onboard to configure.

I have set drive to pcie and Sata with no effect. Also tried all set to uefi with no effect. Also csm to disable and secure boot options, still nothing.

Having a hard time deciding is this a drive issue or a bios issue due to the error message i get "" M.2 SATA device has been detected in the M.2_1 socket." unless this is just miss leading me. Correct me if i am wrong but a 960 pro should be set to PCIe not sata ?

The board runs fine with my old sata ssd but no dice with the new nvme. Might just send the nvme back for a replacement and hope its a drive issue.

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Old 14-10-17, 11:54 PM
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looks like it turns out to be a fake drive so will get this replaced and see how this goes.
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Old 15-10-17, 05:40 AM
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sounds like a dead drive not a fake. if it was fake then I'd suspect you'd not get the message ,.2 drive detected.

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Old 12-01-18, 08:27 AM
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not that will help but my Hero X detected my 950 Pro straight away ( huge problems with the Aorus motherboard ) and when I put the new 960 EVO in it picked it straight away

I have Bios 1003
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