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Originally Posted by tolagarf View Post
Guess I might try buying an used EKWB waterblock for the GTX 1080 FE, I see them really cheap sometimes. Could be interesting to find out if there's a difference.

Anyway I'm going to install a 240mm radiator in the bottom of my case this weekend, also bought 3 of the last Corsair ML fans I needed. Gone are the days of the Noctua iPPC (fantastic performance, yet the motor noise is getting to me).
IIRC there is a difference between a full block and one of those "chip only, rest is cooled by alu" blocks. Not sure whether it would be a huge one mind, but I am sure I remember them being reviewed (just the acool blocks, as they were just blocks at the beginning) and whilst they were cheaper than a full cover block they weren't as good.

And yeah, once a card isn't top end any more the blocks go for a song.

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