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Old 21-04-17, 09:48 AM
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Dell announce their new 27" Ultrasharp UP2718Q 4K HDR monitor

Dell has announced their new 27" Ultrasharp UP2718Q 4K HDR10 monitor, coming with extreme colour accuracy for professional use and a price tag of $1999.99.

Read more on Dell's new Ultrasharp UP2718Q 4K HDR monitor.
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Old 21-04-17, 04:50 PM
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Only supports 76.9% of the HDR spectrum? Seems little odd to charge so much for 76.9%
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Old 23-04-17, 12:24 PM
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Yup. We don't get the FreeSync range we want, and we don't get the HDR spectrum we want. Consumers are being fleeced from the full specs left and right, we get boxes ticked specs-wise, but then we look at the details and it's a lacklustre range on offer. What on earth are manufacturers waiting for to sell full FreeSync 30-120Hz, full HDR10, UHD/WUHD IPS/MVA panels with 1ms refresh rate?!
This fragmentation is ridiculous, if manufacturers are hoping to get us to replace our monitors as often as our graphics cards, they're sorely mistaken. Everyone I know, including myself, is resisting a monitor upgrade because of the lacking specifications. It's crazy that TVs are being sold with HDR for superior image quality, but monitors are being sold with HDR for professional use. Uh, no, gamers want the same image quality!
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