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Old 07-10-06, 07:42 PM
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Networks (general)

Why is it - u have pc-A and pc-B, both working fine - everybodies happy.

U take 1 network lead patch/cross, and plug from one to other, take 1 ieee cable and plug from 1 to other.

U restart pc-A, screen blanks after windo$e boot progress screen.. pc-B notices pc-A.

So u restart pc-B, figuring wtmf, and same again.

U unplug the network leads (so everything is the same as it was to begin with) - pc-B boots ok, pc-A does the same blank black screen after windo$e boot progress screen. Both pc`s boot to safe mode A-ok.

U know 100% it`s a network issue, coz safemode won`t work in u boot with SafeMode&Networking.

Uninstall both the network outputs for pc-A (in essense the pc has no network stuff now) - the pc still boots to black after boot progress screen.

U have a smoke, realize Wales just got spanked/humiliated @ football, plug stuff back in and .. pc-B boots fine, pc-A boots to black screen after progress screen. pc-B recognizes pc-A.

U go into the bios of pc-A, figuring that looking @ bios settings will waste a little more time - and hey, it`s still not enough time elapsed to waste yet another weekend coz of freakin` pc(s) & windo$e.

Nothing abnormal, tweek a setting that has absolutely 00000 to do with anything anyhow and exit the bios to reboot.

Reboot pc-A - and all of a sudden everything works fine - windo$e takes a little longer to boot the first time, but we think everything is ok.

Everything is now working as we think it should.

Why the cuffufle ? If windo$e has a problem with something - tell me pls, don`t just sit there with a black screen.

(oh and the cross over cable happened to be a patch, so never worked)

(ieee not being used by windo$e, it wants to use the slower 100mb line)

Freakin networks, everything probably worked coz the bios forced a escd - which was unnecessary.


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Old 07-10-06, 10:21 PM
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Its because you use too many 'U's, rather than 'You'
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Old 07-10-06, 10:26 PM
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what's with u having two cables?
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Old 07-10-06, 11:03 PM
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Originally Posted by name='Ham'
Its because you use too many 'U's, rather than 'You'
he also refers to "windows" and "windo$e" and uses ` instead of '
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