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Originally Posted by AlienALX View Post
lmao how I feel most days.

After the message I just got I feel like doing that

Well I got a message back from some Facebook customer service idiot, Apparently they blocked my IP and name/date of birth combination because "apparently" I am extremely Judeophobic and have posted some nazi propaganda material on my page, Which tells me they definitely have me mixed up with the wrong person as a lot of my family are Jewish and I myself have Jewish ancestry going back a few generations so that makes zero sense.

Of course Facebook being Facebook I cannot reply, Get in touch with a human, Tell them they seriously have the wrong person so Mark Zuckerberg can now go Zuck on a bag of schlongs for all I care.

It was cool to have everyone in 1 place but I get the feeling Facebook is run by what seems like people with severe schizophrenia.

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