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Old 16-04-19, 09:45 AM
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Have to agree used some wonderful AOC monitors over the last few years.

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Old 16-04-19, 09:58 AM
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I would not want to pay Asus Rog Tax at all now days....
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Old 16-04-19, 09:59 AM
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The only skeptism I have about this screen (since I am so keen to get it, G sync and all) is the colour quality.

While I am an FPS junky and prefer the smoothness over 4k I don't want to be sat fascinated with 170fps but showing bland colours. Obviously I'll wait for the reviews, but this is alot of money.

All I do know is that the customer service based on user feedback, and the overall quality of AOC monitors is extremely well praised. 200Hz refresh though, lets say its delving into a new beginning so I hope it comes out well. Not sure I want to be the guinea pig so to speak.
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Old 16-04-19, 10:54 AM
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Originally Posted by MacLeod View Post
Are AOC's good monitors? I've always thought they were more in the cheap end of the spectrum.
They are at the cheaper end of the spectrum but their quality of build is far superior to brands like Acer.

They also look like they're worth more than they cost, a rare treat in the world of monitors.
"Those really high 20 series prices are just place holders"

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Old 16-04-19, 11:35 AM
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From my experience with AOC I'd say if you want a monitor that lasts go with them. a mate is still using my old 17" AOC, and to put that into perspective I just upgraded my sons 21" AOC to a 27" the 21" is 10 years old and still going it just didn't have HDMI, for gaming I've found the colours to be ok but probably not if you are a professional photographer
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Old 16-04-19, 01:06 PM
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I picked up a pair of AOC 35" ultrawides. My only complaint (and it's minor) is backlight bleed. But you can't see it in-game, so it was no biggie. I paid $900CDN each at the time, for 100hz GSYNC 3440x1440. At the time, competitive screens were selling for $400 more than that. Both screens still look great. AOC gets a thumbs up.
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Old 16-04-19, 01:22 PM
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Does AOC still have inferior warranty for dead pixels? Thought that was the main difference to more "premium" brands.
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Old 16-04-19, 01:35 PM
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Pretty sure you get 3 year dead pixel warranty with AOC which automatically applies if you have 2 or more non-perfect pixels within 1cm of each other (So any cluster) or 3 if they're spaced out full failures or 5 pixels if spaced out partial failures
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Old 16-04-19, 07:10 PM
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That's good to know. I didn't know much about them.

HP has always been my "go to" brand. I bought my 32" Pavillion with FreeSync for $299 at Best Buy and I love it. It's not ideal for gaming as it's a VA but with FreeSync I don't notice any ghosting or anything and the VA panel looks gorgeous. It's my third HP monitor and they've always looked great and lasted a long time but at very good prices.

My old 15" HP with a glossy screen is still one of the best looking monitors I've seen or owned and I bought it for $200.

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