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Originally Posted by Bartacus View Post
Speaking as someone who has been building PCs since the 386 days, I agree with everything you just said! These days "upgrade" means "buy an entirely new system". I thought Threadripper and the obvious PCIE lane bonus would shake Intel a bit too, but it didn't. They still don't get it. You could get a 40 lane CPU on X79 for $300, now you need to pay closer to $800, and that only seems to be getting worse.

Intel won't learn until their sales tank, and that's hard to imagine happening.
That is because they are the most anti consumer company in the world of PCs today. If you leave out any emotion (like OMG LUV INTEL XXX MWAH KISS KISS) and look at who they really are? it's shocking.

Seriously, you would need to be a god to pull off s**t like that dude. If the burger van did it? you would soon go out of business. Just look around you at all of the crap being said about Easy Jet. Extra legroom costs, extra luggage etc etc. Thing is they are not getting away with it because every one is complaining.

Intel fanboys are just oblivious to what is actually going on around them

He used to do surgery
For girls in the eighties
But gravity always wins

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