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Originally Posted by Dawelio View Post
Wait what? ... Have I been living under a rock or what, since this just sounded like a whole new newsbomb to me.

Why can't Ryzen cope with the horse power, but Intel can? Especially seeing the massive popularity with Ryzen lately. Seems a bit odd and illogical if they can't cope with 3080 and people still buying Ryzen.

Rocket Lake, when will that be released exactly? And won't that require and entirely new upgrade like always? CPU and motherboard?
Intel beating AMD in gaming:

Intel beating AMD in productivity. Yes AMD beats intel in rendering tasks but you don't render with CPU you render with GPU using CUDA and OptiX. Observe General Actions. It will be the same in all other AutoDesk apps, Blender, Solidworks...

Clear bottleneck by AMD CPUs:

More myths busted:

It is just AMD hype, "PCI-E Gen 4", a bit better pricing, and misrepresented rendering benchmarks that make AMD CPUs look better in apps like Blender where Intel actually beats AMD in viewport performance and general tasks.

Intel's mainstream CPUs are better for gaming and all but few production tasks (Adobe Premiere).

Threadripper is king for heavy-duty stuff, but X570 is behind Intel in pretty much everything.

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Originally Posted by Dawelio View Post
Well that was a mouthfull... What does everyone else in here think?

Do you all agree with Alien on his points. Now I'm not talking regarding his beliefs or so, but the raw facts and points of his post. Regarding Ampere and it's 1440p as well as 4K.
They are not points. They are facts. Seriously if you want to learn you need to educate yourself on how GPU technology works dude.

Is a good way to start, and to understand why Ampere is what it is.

As for Intel being "better" than AMD? at 1080p and now 1440p they are for Ampere and Ampere only. In gaming only, as they still get their asses whooped at anything else.

And just because Intel are better at those resolutions for Ampere it does not mean they are the best. It just means that for gaming they bottleneck the 3080 less.

What we need now are for Intel and AMD (I predict the latter *cough October*) to step up and start making CPUs that match.

Until then unless you are a 4k die hard avoid Ampere for now at least. Even with the 20gb models they will still be nowhere near as good as Nvidia back on TSMC with a shrink. IE - take a lot of the decent Youtuber's advice and if you have a 2080Ti or Super skip this round, wait for AMD and then make a better more informed decision.

If it were 6 months or more? I would tell you to grab one. But one month (and let's face it it will be longer than that before you can get an Ampere any way) is just daft not to wait.

I said before how it drives me nuts when people buy GPUs not suited to the task they are buying them for. If you use 4k? 3080. However, it comes with caveats like a very questionable amount of VRAM for next gen titles. Remember, next gen titles. They'll be nothing like you have seen yet.

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Well to anyone thinking about the 3090, i'd wait for reviews, idk if the leaked benchmarks coming out are right or not but 10% doesn't seem worth it for £1500 unless you really need that vram.

As for Intel they are going to be in for a shock on the 8th
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