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LP Sound card/Receiver


Currently have an old LG receiver as the input of my 5.1 speaker system in my living room. Thing is - it only has one HDMI output and no HDMI inputs at all (Model is HD304SU-AM).

I would like to mostly use the system with my HTPC, though I'd like the option to once in a while use my cable box with it (that would mean I'd need a receiver with at least 1 HDMI input as my motherboard doesn't have optical and I'm not sure whether the cable box does as well, and then HDMI outputs to the TV).

Question is - should I spend more for a new receiver or just get a 5.1 sound card like the Asus Xonar DSX and connect the speakers through that (solder the ends into 3.5mm connectors).

Note that max height for the card has to be about 7-8cm, that would also mean a low profile card bracket. (Which is why I wanted to go with the DSX)

I have about 250-300USD in local currency to spend on it, can purchase on amazon and such but that'll include shipping and handling costs.

Thanks in advance!

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