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Old 27-09-21, 02:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Warchild View Post
What in blazing hell do you have stored that uses up all that space? :O
More games than i have time to play for the rest of my life, also more than any large gaming shop sells

Some music and series ect.

What can i say i'm an addict and never know what i want to play, needless to say my backlog is vast but maybe only half is installed generally.

Put it this way if there is a game from your past you enjoyed i most likely have it XD

They do get played it's the newer stuff that doesnt always get played even if i enjoy it, as it needs to be very good to hold my attention

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Old 11-10-21, 12:29 PM
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Wasn't completely satisfied with the loop plan, and also realised I need to cut out unwanted parts so I have more space.

HDD tray removed. Was never used at all and just served as a cave to hide cables.

Cables in place but looking like more organised chaos.

Holes in the tray drilled. Made one larger than the other to allow for adjustments with the spirit level in order to get it spot on.

Reservoir relocated to the tray.

And more 3D printing fun to help clean things up

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Old 22-10-21, 08:46 PM
Warchild Warchild is online now
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Here is the before

And here is the after. Sorry for the bad photo. Just couldnt get the angle or lighting. Its better in person than it looks here.

My next task is to work on the PSU cables. Decided to cut the shroud so the Watt consumption was still visible.

Making a template for once in my life

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Old 08-11-21, 06:09 PM
Warchild Warchild is online now
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I havent posted for a while because my photo quality was sub par at best. Not sure what was up with my phone camera, but I had a shot at using a proper camera, and boy does it pick up all the dust and flaws... quite embarassing.

Anyways, Changed the shape to give it a more open feel.

My attempts with a proper camera. Poor angle, poor lighting, poor overall except the cut in my opinion

Unfinished but test fitting seemed ok. Metal dust, and general dust all over the place so apologies for that. I severely underestimated the gap between the shroud and the side of the PSU. It did not look very good at all. My plan was to make a simple frame around it, but I need to adjust for the large gap too.

The Design

The product

The fit

It turned out ok. Now I have options. Either reprint another in Silver to follow the theme of the silver in the motherboard, or possibly use some mirror wrap to add some reflection to the display... or both, not decided yet, but since pops in and out without effort, I can change it at any time.

Now I can address the PSU fan, same idea as the side display. Create a frame to clean it up. This time it has a nice low profile.

Again, might redo this in Silver

And as you can see, there appears to be oxidation on the shroud. Had it stored in the basement where I can only assume it got a little wet.

Overall I am quite happy with the result. But there are always small improvements I can make which will come in time.

I tried to capture a good photo while it was powered and illuminated. Red was used only to see if I could get a better picture, but I think I failed. Looks much better in person.

Alot more spacious compared to before with the wires and 6XT controller laying on the floor.

And picked up this new Quantum drain valve from EK. Outstanding little device, and much smaller than your standard ball valves.

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Old 08-11-21, 06:15 PM
Warchild Warchild is online now
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To do list:

* Re-adjust loop
* Change Res/pump placement
* Backboard to hide cables
* GPU Cable management and maybe GPU support (combine both if I can)
* Clean up cable management in the rear
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Old 08-11-21, 06:25 PM
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Love that. Really gives it depth.

If you don't like what I post don't read it.
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Old 11-11-21, 08:41 PM
Warchild Warchild is online now
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Made myself a Mini Mitre out of PLA to clamp in my vice. Designed for 16mm tubing to get a nice tight fit.

No more bad cuts and annoying uneven parts that I have to sand down.

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build log, corsair 1000d, water cooled

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