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Old 10-02-18, 09:21 PM
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UK Bench Meet #4 MKII


I dont know if there is anyone left in the team who is active, but for anyone on this forum who is interested in extreme oc and wants to come along here are the details i have copied over from the hwbot forum

After the last one never happened. This one is. I have booked the venue already so this thread is to let you know what is happening.

The meet is on the 3/4th of march in a game shop in Lancaster called Lancaster Broad and Sword which is located on Sun Street.

We will have lots of LN2!

Everyone in the uk is welcome to come whether you are a noob or a vetran overclocker.

It will cost £10 per person per day as long as well get 10+ people to have a space at the event. LN2 will be extra and will be charged based on much much you use (~£1 per litre)

There are plenty of hotels in the area and i havent been there myself so idk which is best, but there are plenty to choose from. You will have to book and pay for your own accommodation.

The Shop opening hours are 10am-7pm on the Saturday and 10am-5pm on the Sunday. I would recommend that anyone coming arrives in the morning to get setup and bench asap.

Anyone using LN2 will have to sign a health and safety form which i can send to you before the event if you message me, so you dont have to fill it out on the day. Anyone new to LN2 will get instructions on how to use it safely by someone with experience on the day.

I will probably update this thread as i think of anything else i need to put in it i guess :P

For people coming to the meet don't forget:
Monitor (with any power/video cables)
Pots for LN2
Blow torch/heatgun/hairdyer
Insulation Materials
All your hardware
Spare HDD/SSD with cloned OS in case you break windows with oc
PSU and cables
USB Stick for uploading/saving scores or getting os and drivers
Thermal Paste

Optional things:
Spare pots or hardware like boards or mems people can borrow

Any questions?

People who are coming:

Dragon Soop


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