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Old 23-02-21, 04:23 PM
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Mic Is To Sensitive?

Ok sort of a strange one here and a long one.

Since it's release I have always had trouble hearing footsteps in PUBG, so bad that I could barely hear them when they were more than 15m away from me.

Sound/PC setup previously was:

Behringer 1204USB Mixer - Connected via USB to 2nd PC with 3.5mm audio connections to main pc
Neewer NW-70 Pro XLR Mic
Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 250 ohm Headphones

The 2nd PC got it's audio in from the USB connection to the Mixer, and had a 3.5mm output to the Mixer.

The main PC had a Creative Audigy RX sound card with the Line In connected to the Mixer and the Line Out had a 3.5mm splitter to it send the audio to the Mixer and the 2nd PC's Line In.

I was having issues with that setup with the footstep's as the Creative Software didn't come with an Equalizer.

I found Equalizer APO and PC Equalizer and set about messing around with it, and it worked within reason.

Footsteps could now be heard from around 40m away but the wind/rain/water and weapons now were extremely loud and very very tinny.

In the end I just stopped using Equalizer APO and PC Equalizer because it wasn't worth the hassle as the audio at times would also cut out and crackle etc.

When I got my new desk, I also swapped out the Mixer for a Go XLR Mini which helped to resolve some of the Mic issues I was having with the previous Mixer because I could never get the Noise Gate working fully.

This issue was not present on either the Go XLR Mini or the Behringer Mixer with the previous sound card.

Then about 2 weeks ago I decided to buy a new sound card for my main machine and I bought a Creative Soundblaster Z and it's a much better card but perhaps "to good".

So now the setup is like this:

Go XLR Mini connected to 2nd PC via USB
Line In and Line Out both connect to Main PC via the new Creative card
Mic and Headphones have not changed

So the issue

When I am playing a game or anything with sound doesn't matter what it is, if I am recording and speaking my mic is picking up the audio coming through my heaphones.

I have tried the following already to resolve this:

1: Tried a closed back set of headphones the HyperX Cloud Gaming headphones.

2: Tried some AKG (from Samsung phone) in ear, ear buds.

3: Tried the Mic that came with the Creative Soundblaster Z, at about 2 feet away from the headphones.

4: Tried a ANT Lion Mod Mic sat on the desk at about 2 feet away.

5: Tried the Logitech Webcam Mic at about 2 feet away.

6: Tried adjusting the Mic Noise Gate on the Go XLR Mini Windows App and in OBS.

7: Tried moving the XLR Mic further away on the arm and it facing multiple directions etc.

8: Tried with Scout Mode in the Creative Software On and Off.

9: Tried messing with the SBX Profile and Equalizer in the Creative Software.

10: Installed "Sound Lock" which has helped but the bar is at 22% and if I lower it anymore the guns sound wierd.

11: Tried lowering the Windows Audio down, but it has to be lowered to "5" from "50" in order to stop the Mic picking up the headphone audio, the problem with that is that I also can barely hear anything with it that low. "50" is the sweet spot between between being to loud or to quiet when playing games.

I want to try and build up my YouTube channel, which I know is going to be difficult but having audio issues like this is really not helping.

I also want to actually start streaming and making some videos for Elite Dangerous again when Odyssey comes out.

So I really want to resolve this.

I spent most of Saturday and Sunday setting up the Noise Gate on the Go XLR Mini and OBS, so it now doesn't pick up keyboard clicks but it still picks up the Headphone audio when speaking.

I have recorded a "quick" video showing the issue which is below, and it will probably make things clearer than the "Wall Oh Text" above

I am not opposed to buying a new Mic, I have been looking at possibly the Shure SMB7, the Rhode Podcast Mic or the Audio-Technica AT2020 and then using them on the arm or a desk mount.

I am also not opposed to buying a new headset because these Beyerdynamic's are alright but if I turn the volume up above 50 on Windows when listening to music they sound like a cheap set of speakers that cannot handle the AMP attached to them.

I am thinking about the Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless because I know I can connect them to the Mixer.

I have also included pic's of the Noise Gate settings.

Video of the issue

Gaming PC: AMD 5950X, 32GB Corsiar DDR4, EVGA 3080Ti, Samsung 980 Pro 1TB NVME

Server PC: 2700x, 16GB Corsair DDR4, MSI GTX 1660Ti, Gigabyte 120Gb M.2, Crucial 240Gb SSD, WD Blue 500Gb SSD, 2x Seagate 6Tb HDD's

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