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Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
New engine or nothing?! HAHA yeah right. Good luck trying to convince companies to invest tens of millions of dollars to do that. Not to mention at least 3 years.
That is what I find strange. Microsoft wants everyone to use Win10. Companies have stayed with DX-11 because more than half of PCs still run Win7. That is a safe move, no argument about that. But instead of going with DX-12 or nothing to force everyone to Win10 (which would be a typical Microsoft move) they reverse-engineered DX-12 to run on Win7.

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Old 22-07-19, 11:43 AM
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Nah, Microsoft said from the start DX12 wasn't meant to replace DX11, both are meant to coexist and will do for a long time. DX12 simply isn't ready yet for most of the situations where DX11 still does great, MS have done well in developing libraries for DX12 to help bring up to par with DX11 for an average developer but it's still a long way off. DX12 is great for huge, multi-million pound development teams, but even MS say that average developers shouldn't really even consider it unless they need to. Developing a game engine to properly make use of DX12 would be orders of magnitudes more expensive and time consuming than just developing a game on an existing engine, to the point where most titles simply wouldn't be viable at all. Even then, it's only with Turing that the largest manufacturer in PC gaming even had an arch with enough grunt to make good use of DX12, most people still use GTX960's or similar and Maxwell had quite a few known issues that made DX12 a bit of a waste of time for most of the PC market.

DX12 logically should be the last large iteration of Direct3D, at least for a very long time, though. It's a very open baseline to work from going forward.
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