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Old 19-11-18, 06:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Bartacus View Post
Private servers could entice me to buy this, IF they fix the NUMEROUS bugs. Otherwise, I will happily continue enjoying my first survival play in FO4, modded of course. REALLY enjoying that ATM!

I wonder if it will ever be possible to build a private server strictly for yourself. Sure, it shoots the entire purpose of a multiplayer game in the face, but I'd probably give it a go.
Todd Howard promised they would come, maybe even by the end of the year.

I don't care if there is no one and no quests, all I want to do is explore. That is 60% of any Fallout game for me. Do all of the quests, finish the game and DLC and then spend hours just walking around discovering new locations.


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Old 19-11-18, 06:34 PM
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fallout 76 is just a exploring game, and you know what im having fun with that concept, the reason its multiplayer is that it just wouldn't be fun on your own (or watching it for that matter) and the fact there were large numbers of fallout fans crying out for co-op, id say to anybody on the fence, pick it up for £20 on sale and just add it to the fallout lore.
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