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Old 10-06-18, 10:57 PM
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Scrap Yard Build For Zwift

I am currently using my old Core 2 Duo laptop for Zwift (indoor cycling game) and it does ok but due to hideous amounts of overheating and new thermal paste not curing it I’ve had to hack holes in the base of the laptop and run it with the top half of the case removed entirely. The battery is also ruined and the AC adapter connection is pretty loose... coupled with the fact the on board AMD graphics are a massive pain to keep working on Windows 10 with the legacy drivers I’ve had enough.

Seeing as this is all I will use a replacement for I don’t want to spend to much.

I have been given these 2 old Dell PC’s both I think are Core 2 Duo and components from this era are basically throw away cheap so I was wondering if there is anything I can do with them for this task, super ghetto build.

One is a Dell Inspiron 530s and the other is a Dell Optiplex 755.

Which is the better if any for me to use? What’s the best CPU etc I can use for these and what graphics card would be suitable if I can even run one. I think from what I have read the board in the Inspiron only supports 4gb ram but people have successfully run 8gb in the past but that’s all I could really find out I guess they aren’t exactly a desirable PC for anything lol

I can use the SSD from my failing laptop.

I understand I will possibly need a new case and power supply to achieve this.

I want to try and pursue this if possible but if it’s not going to be what cheap as chips build could I do for this task instead. I want to run it the best I can without spending more than very little lol

System requirements for Zwift


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