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Old 23-08-13, 11:52 AM
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SUB for future reference: saynoto0870.com
Saves using the 0845 option and will save you a few pennies on your phone bill

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Old 23-08-13, 11:54 AM
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I hope you get it sorted.

I wish there was something I could do to help, but I am on the business side of Virgin and cannot touch the residential side.
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Old 23-08-13, 12:37 PM
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I have just left virgin after being extremely patient with them.

I have had utilization issues over the last 10 months, paying for 100mb but between 6pm and 10pm i usually get between 4mb with many many disconnects between those time. Had a senior engineer come out for 1 hour period whilst this was happening and he recorded 1800 disconnects in a 1 hour period.

They told me they were needing to change the green box at end of my road (about 300metres away) which needed planning permission etc etc. so i gave them benefit of the doubt but the date keeps being moved right from March 2013 up until the Provisional date of Dec 2013 atm.

got given a "sorry" payment for last 7 months of £10p/m with numerous credits of between £5-15. my full package is supposed to cost £109 but last 4 months bills have been sub £70.

So now i have cut all ties, moved to BT, getting 10mb ALL the time waiting till oct for Infinity to be installed in the area and sky for TV got a cracking deal on a new TV package

every channel in HD
free 2TB box
free wireless box for the ondemand

all for £48 p/m for 12 months, then at the end of that no doubt i can get a better of similar deal.

The only thing i will miss is the TiVo box which is amazing, but now i get to watch F1 in HD so im a happy bugger

Morale of story if you have only just joined Virgin, get out whilst you can lol
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Old 23-08-13, 12:42 PM
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Seems like a good deal on Virgin. Can't get it in our area yet, don't see why not!

I just used your normal Sky 17MBish broadband, works great. Don't see the point in fibre optic unless there are loads of you using it.

Our main use is just Wi-Fi, infact not one Ethernet cable is plugged into the router atm, will connect my PC with one though! Only problem I find is if a movie is on Netflix downstairs and I'm gaming, it can affect the movie slightly.

If anyone knows of any good deals on Sky channels with Sports all in HD, let me know. I don't like paying Sky £90 a month just so I can watch WWE and have Wi-Fi lol.
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Old 23-08-13, 12:47 PM
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I know about 0870 think but didn't think 0845 listed the numbers as well. Either way I just got a call back from the original person who I spoke to on day one of setting up the transfer, basically said. You have no idea what I had to deal with lastnight please help, and she's gonna sort it and call me back.

Lesson 1: Employ helpful, english people in your fuarking call centres for the love of fuark
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Old 23-08-13, 03:13 PM
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Haha, The amount of time i've spent on the phone raging at VM..

I welcome you to the club! - You have a fun time ahead !
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Old 23-08-13, 04:10 PM
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Originally Posted by SuB View Post
Lesson 1: Employ helpful, english people in your fuarking call centres for the love of fuark
Could say the same about Three mobile. 5 calls, 4 hours and 2 days to just get a PAC from them to switch my number and half the time they either had me on hold or saying they couldn't hear me on the phone. Shocking customer service.

Virgin are being a bit mean here, they keep posting flyers to the entire town I stay in, the closest fibre/cable broadband is 8 miles away. Sad thing is that if there were actually int he area they would end up with a monopoly over BT and Sky for being the fastest provider about.

Hope you get sorted out soon, never fun when ISPs decide to mess you about and cut off services for no good reason
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Old 23-08-13, 04:54 PM
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The old ntl exchange got bought out by vm years ago, it's less than a mile away and i've never had a single issue. When i need to upgrade i always get a nice welsh bloke on the phone, guess im lucky! That sounds like a hellish phone call though dude, i would of definitely snapped.
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Old 23-08-13, 05:57 PM
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Just say you will change isp if they don't get it up and running, that's what my dad did with sky and all of a sudden the internet was back the same day
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