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Old 19-06-17, 12:55 PM
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Project - AE90

Hey folks,

It was some time ago since I posted last, looking at 3 years ago last month, it's good to be back.

My previous project was interesting and very budget orientated given that I was mid way through uni at the time, that time has now passed and budget almost isn't remotely important.

My previous build was a scratch build, this new build is going to be within the amazing NZXT H440. Although this case is a good couple of years old, it'll still be amazing even for the next year or so.

AE90 is the name of this project because the loop will consist Almost Entirely of 90 degree fittings. I couldn't think of anything else creative enough.

There is some history to this, that starts on my previous build log (see signature) I typed this all up and kinda realised it was only a massive wall of text, so that got deleted.

At present, I am accompanied with various new bits of kit, I got my hands on a 1080TI FE from Palit, after buying this, I was able to set the record for the fastest i5 6600K on the 3D Mark 11 Extreme benchmark for single card users and this was featured on the Hall of Fame position 54, then Ryzen happened. However I am still the fastest featuring the i5, with a score of 13328X, with a core clock of 4731 MHz, and the GPU at 1759MHz. I have yet to delid the 6600K so that will be attempted at some point.

Also most recently featuring here is the 7700K and the Asus Maximus IX Formula. The whole system is as follows.

Case: NZXT H440 Matte Black 2015 Edition (previously has Red/Matte Black)
CPU: i7 7700K (previously i5 6600k)
Mobo: Asus Maximus IX Formula (previously Hero VIII)
RAM: G.Skill Trident Z Red 3200MHz
GPU: Palit 1080TI FE (previously Asus 290X Matrix non-plat)
PSU: EVGA SuperNova 650W P2 (previously G1 1000W incase I went crossfire with the 290x I previously had)
M.2: Samsung 950 Pro 256GB NVME
SSD: 2x HyperX Fury 240GB
HDD: WD Blue 6TB


Rads: 2X EKWB CoolStream SE 360
Res: Singularity Computers Protium Medium Res Tube
Res: Singularity Computers Protium D5 Top in Clear Acrylic
Res: Singularity Computers Protium D5 Cover in Silver with Silver rings. (So proud to have those three things, although I actually ordered the black with silver rings, and got silver with silver rings?!?).
Res: 2x Singularity Computers Ethereal Single Res Mounts in Silver.
Pump: Whatever the F*$k pump EKWB puts in their res+pump combos
Waterblocks: EKWB Supremacy EVO Nickel Plated, 1080TI FE Nickel Plated Block with Nickel Plated Backplate.

At the moment this system is running, and I am using it to type up this thread, so most photos will consist of the build running, photos would be of things having changed, such as new cables for example, etc. On the other hand, there are various things to be done, not limited too:

1)Hardline tubing,
2)new sleeved cables, might get cablemod to do me some custom ones, given that I have a code for it.

3)Case mods,

a) removing the hard drive cage/panel thing,
b) extending the window,

There are other things I intend to do as well, however I like the element of surprise, so I will say no more on these.

One thing I will say is I intend most of this build to have very neutral colours, the reason for this is so all I would need to do to change the colour scheme, would be to change coolant and change the RGB lights on the board (and/or elsewhere). So I will allow yourselves to decide, what colour scheme should I do?

See photos below.

Above is the build in general, currently running standard tube at the moment, because it is quick and easy, mind you the bend from the radiator to the cpu block I am concerned about, so the necessary hardline fittings for this are currently in my possession and I'm going to sort this part out as a matter of urgency. Not to mention these current fittings are compression fittings with tube from EK that is meant to fit, but doesn't.

Another angle, you can see why I am concerned about that bend, also hence the kitchen roll.

Obviously the 1080ti block, the newest FE edition.

This is it outside of the system, some fair weeks ago now.

The backplate is literally amazing.

Forgive my poor cable management and lack of sleeving, that is the power for the pump, not so sure why I choose that route.


Cablemod Blood RED cables, these will likely be replaced.

Because who doesn't like the additions they put in motherboard boxes these days.

This is my current setup, 1080ti box far left, with the formula XI box their too, WC gear to the right, past and present (also other peoples things, i.e the ryzen box). This is literally the best game of Tetris

That is me signing off for now, next update certainly this week, or even today.


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Old 19-06-17, 10:54 PM
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Good rig. Clean loop. Very nice. And you setup is awesome.
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Old 20-06-17, 10:12 AM
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Why thank you, video and written updates to follow.

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Old 20-06-17, 08:42 PM
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Too bad that sexy Singularity Computers reservoir is hidden. Shame. Are you putting the motherboard into the loop when you do hard tube?
Guts: Ryzen R7 1700 / Asus CH6 Hero / 16GB G.Skill 3600CL15 / Zotac GTX 1080Ti x2 / EVGA 1000W PSU / Case Labs M8
Storage: Intel 600p 1TB NVME / 6TB RAID0 array / 2TB RAID0 array
Water Cooling: Watercool HeatKiller IV blocks on CPU & GPUs / 4 360 rads + 1 240 rad / Singularity Computers reservoir / dual D5 pumps

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Old 21-06-17, 07:28 PM
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I'll be removing the hard drive holder thing and extending the window, I would very much like to do the reservoir justice.

I will indeed be including the motherboard in the loop, along with the second radiator which the reservoir is attached to. The reason that isn't tubed up currently, is because it can't be done particularly easy with tube, with hard tube however, it's no problem.

Onwards to the update.

So, this is what the system looks like now, you'll notice the new cables, which I actually always had, also the small amount of hard tubing, the reason for this, as per my original post is because it wasn't particularly safe.

Here is a close up, you can see here the addition of E22 cable combs, this is actually a size higher than they should, these are 3mm cable combs, whereas cablemod cables should have 2mm cable combs, the reason for this is so I can move them around the cable, while tight enough to stay on, just. The colour scheme for the cables is white on the outside, then carbon and the rest black.

Cable training

Broken E22 24 pin, given the overkill amount I ordered, I'm not to surprised to find this defective one, I have loads of these cable combs, so I don't actually care.

and a comparison to the original cablemod ones

Annoyingly, E22 don't make 26-pin cable combs, there are actually 26 cables in this 24pin cable, so I will need to get 2-3 made by E22 or something, for the moment I am using the cablemod cable comb. I'm guessing this is an EVGA thing, as this occurs both on my original blood red cable set and also the custom one I had ordered.

and some more random cable/cable comb pictures.

Below you can see what I did with the sata power, you'll also notice the sleeved carbon sata data cables.

Below is the bottom front, the second EKWB SE 360 radiator is there, already flushed (will probably flush again for the hell of it). I am yet to get the fittings for this to be connected to the rest of the loop, including the motherboard block integrated into the IX Formula.

The next update will likely be me connecting a mod my toys 8x 4pin PWM PCB to the H_AMP connector at the top of the board, see below

here is some close ups on the current hard tubing

and the system once again as as a whole.


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Old 21-06-17, 09:06 PM
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Why the green coolant? would have gone with white hose myself.
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Old 21-06-17, 09:10 PM
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It's temporary, I don't really have a preference for the colour as I'm trying to design it to have any colour I wish. It won't have hose for long.

If I were to go white, it would have to be Mayhems Ice White I guess.

Shelfuter - Computer in a Shelf
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