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Old 08-05-14, 09:04 PM
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LED wiring guide.

Well here we go again with a little guide for the beginner or newbie, only this time we shall be looking into LED wiring using typical 3mm or 5mm Diodes, these are readily available at most electronics stores. We will be focusing on using the 5v & 7v molex output found on all PSUs and we'll be working with parallel circuits as it's much easier, also more efficient for a stronger circuit although when we look at lower voltage circuits containing 3 LEDs or less we can get away with a serial circuit as there is nearly no resistance to cause any light degradation, I will throughout this guide include the resistor ohms to save you time.

Firstly choosing and knowing the differences between the voltages of LEDs as not all colours are the same please check the diagram below to see the difference in voltages.

Resistor requirements for each colour LED.
So using 5v Molex.

Red 150 Ohm
Orange 150 Ohm
Yellow 150 Ohm
Green 100 Ohm
Blue 100 Ohm
White 100 Ohm

Using 7v Molex.

Red 270 Ohm
Orange 270 Ohm
Yellow 270 Ohm
Green 220 Ohm
Blue 220 Ohm
White 220 Ohm

Now when putting together our rows of LEDs I've used a simple parallel circuit diagram including 5 & 10 LED arrays using Blue LEDs on a 5v circuit, which I hope is simple enough to understand.

If you need any help working out voltages or which resistors you need to use or maybe you decide you want to go mahoooosive with 12v or build a lighting panel you can find a helpful LED wiring Wizard >>here<<

Don't forget to share your lighting mods here too I'd be real interested in seeing someone do maybe a USB or SATA powered mod.

I think this will more than likely be updated periodically when things come to mind. But for now Happy modding and take care as always you mod at your own risk.


“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” ~ Albert Einstein
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Old 09-05-14, 06:00 PM
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Very handy been thinking of making some custom LED runs for a while, this should make things easier.
Good job!

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