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Old 12-06-21, 09:26 AM
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Microsoft dates Windows 10's End of Life - Windows 11 is coming!

The sun is setting on Windows 10.

Read more about Windows 10's End of Life being dated.

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Old 12-06-21, 06:11 PM
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Maybe it is the last Windows. Maybe the next OS will be called something like "Fenestra" or "Oriel" or something.

Yes, I Googled the crap out of synonyms for windows just to write down these two impossible ideas.
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Old 12-06-21, 06:31 PM
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Let's see if we'll enter "Extend" period in Microsoft's relationship with Linux.
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Old 14-06-21, 01:54 AM
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I'm actually kinda excited to see what Windows 11 is all about. I mean we can't buy GPU's or CPU's right now so at least this will give us something new to play with right now.

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Old 14-06-21, 02:48 AM
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I just hope they make massive improvements under the hood that allows for better security, privacy, and performance. Keep everything else the same for all I care. Rather have that then a prettier UI
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Old 14-06-21, 10:58 AM
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Il buy it for 3$
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