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Old 20-04-21, 08:35 PM
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Steam was crashing because some users had too many games

Steam fixed a "crash for users with around 25,000 or more games".

Read more about some Steam users having too many games.

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Old 21-04-21, 11:50 AM
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I mean like whoa on the games library and all. That's quite a bit for one person man.
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Old 21-04-21, 02:24 PM
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Duuude 420 yesterday ithought my library had grown large with around 300 games im an old gamer gamer too ... that was my first thought whoooa
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Old 21-04-21, 03:26 PM
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Has Gabe been using his 'Master Unlock Key'....
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Old 22-04-21, 07:15 PM
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25 000 games? How is that even possible? You won't even live long enough to even have played half of those games fully lol.
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