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Old 04-10-13, 09:48 AM
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CM Storm Mech Keyboard Review

CM Storm have released a new line of products, and first up is the mechanical MECH Keyboard.

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Old 04-10-13, 10:27 AM
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Besides the outer casing it reminds me very much of the Razer Blackwidow. Personally I hate the design but it's good to see some originality nonetheless.
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Old 04-10-13, 05:35 PM
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Horrible design, there are other, nicer looking ways of putting a handle on a keyboard.
The backlight looks nice though and the removable panel is great, if they made a rectangular one and I had the money I'd like it a lot more.
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Old 04-10-13, 05:49 PM
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The design isn't that bad imo. Would have to see it in person and try it out to pass my final judgement. Don't know if that wrist rest would be confortable with that crazy shape.
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Old 05-10-13, 01:29 PM
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Not my favorite design. The USB pass through is a nice feature, hook it up to a powered USB port, and you can easily charge a device from the keyboard, even if your Computer is powered off.

The Keyboard is so large, I'm not really sure why there is a handle on it, I don't imagine many people would lug a giant peripheral like that to a Lan party.

Price is too high, but that applies to nearly all keyboards.

I have a CM Storm Quickfire Rapid. Costar board for less than half the price of an identical Filco. Its a great, simple, compact keyboard.

Who is the OEM for this board?
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