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Old 02-09-15, 09:21 PM
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I wouldn't expect too much of a difference in flow. The most restrictive parts of your loop will be the blocks, the tubing's flow resistance is usually comparatively small unless you choose really small tubing. And even then, PC liquid cooling setups aren't all that sensitive to water flow rate above a certain threshold.

Linky I found on the subject:

Personally I use 16mm OD/10 mm ID. I like the look of 16 mm OD tubing, and 3 mm wall thickness provides some nice stability when it comes to kink resistance (plus, evaporation of coolant through the tubing walls is also smaller, although even with thinner walls that's not too much of a pressing concern. But still, something to keep in mind).

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Old 03-09-15, 05:54 PM
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hi thanks for getting back to me i will check that link out many thanks
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