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Old 16-07-19, 04:08 AM
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Bad OC's don't always cause BSODs, just usually. Was just reporting my recent experiences.

Fresh install never hurts. I always end up cloning the drive back again so I wonder why fresh installs are a thing when I just reclone the drive, so to me it's funny it fixes the problem lol

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Old 17-07-19, 09:20 PM
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Gentlemen! We have success!

After much searching, reinstalling windows and everything else on top including the usual...

I've finally solved the problem, it was nvidia control panel with the latest drivers the Fast Sync option no longer works right (for me at least) it pushes the card way too hard and the TDR can't keep up with the frame requests. Turned it off and I'm all back to normal.

Shocking to think that one setting caused all this bother, the instant I turned it off clocks dropped, load went from 99% to 45% temps crashed down from 75c to 54c and the fans fell silent. Ah well we live we learn I guess, thanks for all the support and thoughts guys.

Hopefully some one finds this thread useful in the future.
“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” ~ Albert Einstein
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Old 17-07-19, 09:43 PM
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Wth? FastSync? Damn, that's not something I would ever expect.

The fact that reinstalling windows didn't do anything would have puzzled me too.

I've been saying this for a while but Nvidia drivers are kinda crap now and have been for a while. ALWAYS something. People give AMD crap, which makes no sense because nobody uses them and their 7 year old notions on AMD are wrong, but at least AMD doesn't have these massive issues(though they have had some persisting issues for a few years now in specific cases so there is that).

I update my nvidia drivers WHEN I need to support a new game I want to play, if it's not stable then I find a stable one I know works, and then just leave it alone. I went 7 months without updating my drivers, even played a game that technically wasn't supported, still worked fine. That is what I would suggest for everyone else too.
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Old 17-07-19, 10:08 PM
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Always expect the unexpected.

Sorry dude I should have remembered I had issues with both DSR,VSR and Gsync lately. I could have saved you hours there

I had a feeling it would be something small and almost insignificant but I've used my PCs so little since I moved house I forgot.

Mega glad you fixed it. Nothing worse than a problem Google can't solve.

NBD - agree. The issues I had on BL2 didn't happen on my AMD card.

Nvidia driver department are slacking.

If you don't like what I post don't read it.
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